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The Ten Pound Draw Weight Bow–One of the Most Effective Archery Teaching Tools

Golden Gate JOAD utilizes a number of teaching tools to make learning archery as simple and effective as possible. The full-size, ten pound draw weight bows we purchase from Quintessential are the kind of teaching tool I think all JOAD

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Golden Gate JOAD Introduces Performance Coaching Program

Today Golden Gate JOAD introduced its new performance coaching program which offers an extra level of feedback and training beyond our regular shooting sessions. The half-hour session is a special supplement that starts at 8:30am, one half hour before the

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Legally blind archer from South Korea dominates the competition at the 2012 Olympics

Every archery coach will tell you that good archery is about doing the same thing, repeatably, every time.   It requires that you learn your body so very well that a forearm rotated slightly, or a muscle half an inch

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