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NFAA Indoor Round Helps Trad Shooters Evaluate Their Archery

Standardized Scoring Rounds The NFAA Indoor Round, sometimes called a 300 Round, is a great way for traditional archers to evaluate their archery skills. It consists of a total of 60 arrows shot from 20 yards at a blue 5-ring

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August 4th Achievement Shoot Pin Winners Gallery

Individual shots of Achievement Shoot Pin Winners at the August 4th Golden Gate JOAD Session. For more information on Golden Gate JOAD Achievement Shoots check out our other posts, including details on the JOAD Stars Pin Awards program, Adult Achievement

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Golden Gate JOAD’s August 4th Jam-packed Four-In-One Session

Today’s August 4th Golden Gate JOAD featured Performance Coaching, First Time Archery Lessons, an Achievement Shoot and a regular shooting session all in a whirlwind two-and-a-half hours. Golden Gate JOAD continues to work on adding as much value into our

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