Month: February 2014

  • New practice league forming April 3rd for 12 weeks

    Much like going to the gym with a friend, practicing with some buddies helps you keep up the commitment of regular practice.  And of course, archery practice improves your skills.  There’s a friendly group of archers starting up a weekly practice at Pacifica Archery, the only local indoor archery range.  Practice will be Thursday nights […]

  • Announcing the Golden Gate JOAD Underwater Archery Team

    Last year when I attended a statewide outdoor tournament in Sacramento, CA, it was called off for rain.  But the Golden Gate JOAD archers toughed it out last Saturday and shot through the rain.  To honor their commitment to archery under inclement circumstances we are announcing the formation of the Golden Gate JOAD Underwater Archery […]

  • Our most awesome achievement shoot in a downpour

    We had our monthly achievement shoot today, despite rain.  We setup the range in the heaviest rain around 7:30am and then waited.  Around 8:30am the rain let off and we put up an Eazy-UP shelter to shoot under.  This is what it looked like with our students shooting mostly under the shelter.   And then […]