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September 3rd achievement shoot pin winners

The September 3rd achievement shoot was not marred by anything resembling rain. Here are photos of everyone who earned a pin this month. You can find a complete list of current scores here.  Our next achievement shoot, and the last

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July 12th achievement shoot results

We held our July achievement a week late because our Director of Shooting was on vacation.  Results yesterday were impressive!  A great deal of thanks need to go to our student volunteers AliciaS, ThimO, and TonyM.  They all showed up

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Photos: Golden Gate JOAD Archers Up Their Game at November 9th Achievement Shoot

Golden Gate JOAD archers and volunteer staff upped their game at our November 9th Achievement Shoot. Achievement Shoot Wrangler Shabbir and Head Coach David Chan worked to give our indoor distance achievement shoot a more competition-like feel, adding AB and

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