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JOAD, or Junior Olympic Archery Development is a program for children ages 8 and up as well as adults.  We meet on Saturdays from 9-11am at the Golden Gate Park archery range.  Returning students take group lessons from our staff of USA Archery certified coaches.

Beginning or first time lessons are offered some weekends and include equipment.  You must register and reserve a spot for a first time lesson and you must be on time.  “Walk ins” are not allowed.   

Instruction is provided using the USA Archery National Teaching System (or B.E.S.T).   All of our archery coaches are USA Archery Certified as instructors and we also have a Certified Level 4 (Regional) Coach on staff.

There is a fee of $30.00 per session that includes 2 hour rental of equipment, Coaching by one or several of our coaches, and any awards earned. There are some discounts that will apply for multiple days purchased and those using their own equipment.

Participants will need to sign a few legal documents as well. If you wish to view and print the legal documents, they are available here. Minors must have a liability release signed by their parent or legal guardian.
Minor release of liability [pdf]
Adult release of liability [pdf]
Golden Gate JOAD Code of Conduct [PDF]

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  1. Will there be more first time lessons added at the end of October or does the program suspend for the fall and winter? Everything is sold out through October 13th and I am wondering if it is worth it to wait till more classes are added or if that won’t be till next year.

  2. Hi, Actually I would like to learn as well as my 12 YO son. Please let me know when we can start taking lessons as we would love to start ASAP.

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