Golden Gate JOAD’s August 4th Jam-packed Four-In-One Session

Today’s August 4th Golden Gate JOAD featured Performance Coaching, First Time Archery Lessons, an Achievement Shoot and a regular shooting session all in a whirlwind two-and-a-half hours. Golden Gate JOAD continues to work on adding as much value into our weekly archery sessions as possible and today was the first day we’ve offered so many services all in one morning.

Performance Coaching

Performance Coaching session by Golden Gate JOAD Head Coach David Chan. A great turn out for an early 8:30am start on a Saturday.

The new performance coaching session got off to a great start with over 13 committed archers signing up for the early 8:30 session of extra hands-on coaching. The 8:30 am start is for practical reasons and also to indicate that the program is for archers who are interested enough in archery to put in the extra effort needed to get to the range at an early hour. We are delighted that so many people have joined the free session available to individual ten session card holders. We know what it takes to get there early and we appreciate the dedication. The performance coaching sessions give Golden Gate JOAD archers a chance to really benefit from head coach David Chan’s Level 4 coaching knowledge and skills.

First Time Archery Lessons

Head Coach David Chan instructs first time archers on some of the finer points of archery.

Demand for first time lessons is at an all time high, with 29 people on the wait list for today’s completely full 8-slot session. Introducing people to to archery is vital part of Golden JOAD’s instruction program so we continue to offer as many first time lessons as we can while still giving our returning archers the space and attention they deserve. We’ve capped first time lesson class size to help us keep the quality of our program high and are currently booked solid for the next month and a half.

Achievement Shoot Winners

Golden Gate JOAD Stars Pin Winners for August 4th.

Golden Gate JOAD Adult Achievement Pin Winners, August 4th.

Congratulations to our JOAD and Adult Achievement pin winners. 🙂 We love the achievement shoots and it’s great to see so many archers participating.

We had 16 Achievement Shoot RSVPs today. The RSVPs are how we know how many bales to set out, what distance and what size target. To streamline the process we are working on transitioning the Achievement Shoot RSVPs to Eventbright rather than juggling multiple streams of RSVP e-mails. The process, as many discovered, is, well, still in progress. Apologies for the confusion this week. Next time, the Achievement Shoot really will be booked through Eventbright, really 🙂

Back to today’s Achievement Shoot: The pins are a great way to recognize your efforts and accomplishments in archery. If you didn’t earn a pin today, remember that the shoots aren’t just for pins, they are also great practice for how to shoot and score for your own records or for competition, so participating is an accomplishment in itself.

Our Achievement Shoots are now on schedule for first Saturday of every month. Check our posts on the JOAD Stars Pin awards and the Adult Achievement awards for more information on how to earn archery awards at Golden Gate JOAD.

Regular Session

Coach Nancy Chee guides a first time archer through her shot sequence..

Shooting at your own pace is great way to enjoy archery. We continue to offer our regular shooting session even on days when we offer our optional Achievement Shoots. And we also continue to offer individualized feedback to all archers in the regular session.

Thanks to everyone who came out to the range today.