Thank you for requesting a lesson reservation!

Wait for confirmation

Remember, you have to receive a confirmation email that your lesson reservation has been accepted.  Unless you receive this confirmation, you should not expect to have a lesson slot if you show up on Saturday.

Show up on time with your paperwork

You need to arrive no later than 8:50am and bring a signed waiver for yourself and/or your child.  They are available from our website as PDFs

Once onsite, you’ll need to sign a copy of our Club Code of Conduct.

Show up on time

This is a class where we take you from knowing nothing about archery to competently shooting in under two hours.  There’s a lot of training involved, and once the class starts you cannot step in late and just join.

Dress appropriately

The weather on Saturday mornings at the Golden Gate Park archery range is often nothing short of stunning.  As with all of San Francisco, it can go from foggy to 75 degrees and sunny in the span of thirty minutes.   Come dressed in layers, with a bottle of water, a hat, and sunscreen.

Definitely don’t wear a big baggy shirt, or a shirt with lots of zippers.  Don’t wear a lot of dangly jewelry on your face or ears, or big necklaces.   Things that dangle or stick out are likely to catch on the bowstring and get torn off your body.

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