Youth and Adult archery achievement program

Though we have a lot of fun at our classes with archery games, we are very serious about creating avid archers at Golden Gate JOAD and encouraging them to always work to improve their skills.  We also encourage our students to strive to shoot better, in part, by motivating them with the USAA Youth and Adult achievement STARS programs.  The STARS is a series of awards that students earn by shooting higher and higher scores at a series of tiers.  Each tier awards the student a pin, like these shown below.

The 8 JOAD Stars Pin Awards, which are followed by 3 elite-level “Olympian” awards, bronze, silver and gold.

Youth Indoor (9-18 meters) – 30 arrow scoring match

(Only highest achievement level achieved is shown.  See scoring matrix)

Green (50pts@9m): Alyssa, K, Veronica M, Cynthia T, Jordan T

Purple (100pts@9m or 30pts@18m): Madeline Y, Nathan N, Jack M, Nicole C, Joshua C, Molly B

Gray (150pts@9m or 50pts@18m): Caroline C, Hannah C, Zachary E, Arthur M, Sasha M,

White (200pts@9m or 100pts@18m):Phoebe G, Katinka K, Chester L, Elizabeth V,

Black (150pts@18m): Miranda L, Jenny V

Blue (200pts@18m):

Red (250pts@18m): Katherine P, Patrick P

Yellow (270pts@18m):

Youth Outdoor (15 meters and farther) – 36 arrow scoring match

(Only highest achievement level achieved is shown.  See scoring matrix)

Green (@15m 130pts barebow, 155pts recurve) : Nicole S, Zachary E, Eunice G, Sasha M, Danielle T, Liza S, Nicole C., Caroline C, Joshua C., Jeremiah C.

Purple (@20m 155pts barebow, 180pts recurve): Patrick P., Katherine P, Katinka C

Gray (@25m 180pts barebow, 205pts recurve): Miranda L.

White (@30m 205pts barebow, 230pts recurve):

Black (@40m 240pts recurve):

Blue (@50m 240pts recurve):

Red (@50m 275pts recurve):

Yellow (@50m 240pts recurve):

Adult Indoor (18 meters) – 30 arrow scoring match

(Only highest achievement level achieved is shown. See scoring matrix)

Green (70pts barebow, 100pts recurve): Kelvan Quan, Subhadeep Sarker, Peter Rosdil, Hannah C

Purple (100pts barebow, 150pts recurve): Alfonso Irwine, Anson Louie, Cathy Stierhoff, Josh Wen Shee Dai

Gray (120pts barebow, 200pts recurve): Mike Valdez, Rodolfo Sandoval, Katherine P, Miranda L, Les Jones, Monica Jones, Deanna Jones, Tracey J

White (150pts barebow, 220pts recurve): Nancy Chan, Stoyan Gaydarov, Gerard Hughes, Valerie Jones, Chris K, Camilla K, Tony Morosco,

Black (175pts barebow, 240pts recurve): Frank Lawler, Rachel McNamara, Thim Oung, Shabbir Safdar

Blue  (200pts barebow, 260pts recurve)

Red  (225pts barebow, 275pts recurve)

Yellow (250pts barebow, 280pts recurve)

Adult Outdoor (30-50-70 meters) – 36 arrow scoring match

(Only highest pin earned is shown.  See scoring matrix)

Green (@30m 150pts barebow, 175pts recurve): Valerie Jones, Frank Lawler

Purple (@30m 160pts barebow, 225pts recurve): Mike Valdez, Chris Kieleger, Deanna Jones

Gray (@30m 170pts barebow, 250pts recurve): Shabbir Safdar, Rachel Hoke McNamara

White (@50m 170pts barebow, 260pts recurve):

Black (@50m 180pts barebow, 275pts recurve):

Blue  (@70m 190pts barebow, 280pts recurve)

Red  (@70m 200pts barebow, 290pts recurve)

Yellow (@70m 210pts barebow, 300pts recurve)


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