Sep 22, 2012 lesson: Advanced coaching with video analysis and upcoming achievement shoots

Club volunteer and returning student Cathy S. practices with a coach videotaping her form for analysis.

Saturday September 22nd was an entire day devoted to our returning archers. Our newest students continued getting lots of practice while coaches provided feedback upon request. Our more advanced students (adults and youth) practiced for our upcoming outdoor achievement shoot scheduled for Saturday September 29th.

Some of our adult shooters worked with newly certified coach Shabbir Safdar to record themselves shooting and then analyze their form by reviewing the video.  Observing yourself on videotape is a great way to identify deficiencies in your form and correct them.  It also enhances your ability to improve as an archer on your own.

To learn more about out upcoming achievement shoots that our students were practicing for, read below.

What is an achievement shoot?
The US Archery Association has a system of self-paced goals that reward adult and youth students for achieving progressively higher scores. There are two tracks of awards:

  • Indoor distance competitions, which are typically shot at small targets 18 meters away (or sometimes 9 meters for beginning underage archers)
  • Outdoor distance competitions, which are typically shot at farther distances at larger targets (Initially 30 meters for adults and 15/20/25/30 meters for youth)

We have conducted a number of indoor achievement tournaments, and on Saturday Sep. 29th we will hold our first outdoor achievement shoot.  You can sign up at our eventbrite page.

Additionally on the first Saturday of October (October 6th) we will be conducting another indoor shoot.  You can register for that one here.