Rain won’t stop our archery students!

Stoyan shows off his double award.

Six returning archers and six new archers joined Golden Gate JOAD’s indoor session today at Pacifica Archery since the rain made it extremely unpleasant to shoot at the Golden Gate Park archery field where we usually hold our lessons.  We only had room to do our achievement shoot, and to take in a small class of new archers.

On a rainy day there’s a lot of competition for the lanes at Pacifica, but we managed to find a window that let us get everyone on the line thanks to Beth (the owner at Pacifica).  Our achievement shooters managed to get two achievement pin attempts with only 5 minutes to spare when our range time expired.

Our new student Stoyan Gaydarov was shooting for his first pin, and scored it on the first attempt.  He used his second attempt to shoot for his second pin and made it!  Congratulations Stoyan!

Katherine displays her full lanyard including her new pin. Patrick is wearing his pin.

Katherine P. and Patrick P. also attempted a more advanced pin, their sixth indoor pin (blue) and they both earned it.  As usual their rivalry was in full force, but Katherine won the day, beating Patrick’s score by a single point!  Congratulations to both of you!

There’s only a 10% chance of rain next Saturday, so we should be back in our usual location ready for new and returning students!