2022 GGJOAD schedule of pin shoots and new archer lessons

We’re back shooting this year and have the following schedule for new archer lessons, Halloween, and pin shoots.

  • March 12th – Pin shoot
  • April 16th – New archer lesson
  • May 14th – Pin shoot
  • June 18th – New archer lesson (sales open June 5, 2022 for this event)
  • July 16th – Pin shoot
  • August 20th – New archer lesson
  • September 10th – Pin shoot
  • October 15th – New archer lesson
  • October 29th – Annual Halloween candy shoot
  • November 12th – Pin shoot
  • December 10th – New archer lesson

If you’d like, you can subscribe to a Google calendar of all these dates.

If there’s another resurgence of the pandemic we’ll temporarily suspend events and practices.