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USA Archery JOAD Stars Pin Awards Part 2: Hoped for Fixes

The USA Archery JOAD Stars Pin Awards are a great system of benchmarks to encourage and reward youth archers’ efforts in archery. The awards program has a been great success at Golden Gate JOAD and with its archers. You can

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The Trick to Saving Arrows with an Arrow Puller

The Best Arrow Pullers for Everyday Use The most useful “trick” for safely pulling arrows is to an arrow puller. An arrow puller is a tool we all wish we could do without. Either we should never miss, so we’d

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First steps to becoming a better archer

The Golden Gate Junior Olympic Archery Program has a sizable club with beginning and advanced students. The advanced students come on Saturdays for a special 30 minute ‘performance coaching’ session with Level 4 coach David Chan and also must maintain

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