Month: April 2013

  • Want to book a private archery lesson and skip our long waitlist?

    One of our USA Archery-certified coaches has donated a private archery lesson for two people to a local school for their online/offline auction. ¬†You can go and bid now, and your bid will be put into the live auction this Friday night. Or you can pay the “Win it now” price ($120) and win the […]

  • Retro Denim Quivers – Crafty Archery Projects You Can Make

    There are lots of archery projects you can make yourself, ranging from complicated to super simple. One of the easiest is a simple quiver. Anyone remember the denim purses made out of blue jeans in the 70’s? Well, you can make a modern retro equivalent for archery, a pants leg quiver. So easy, in fact, […]

  • JOAD and Adult Achievement Archery Rain or Shine

    April showers in San Francisco mean that Golden Gate JOAD shoots may be rained out. This time we finally decided enough is enough. Time to show the weather who’s boss by agreeing to shoot rain or shine. That’ll show the rain! Fortunately for our April Achievement Shoot archers the rain was only a mild, intermittent […]