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You Won’t Believe What Can You Do With a Ten Pound Draw Weight Recurve Bow

Ok, you probably will believe what you can do with a 10 pound bow, but it’s actually pretty cool and way more than you might imagine: Accuracy You really can do all of that with a mere 10 pound draw

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GoPro Video Archery Tricks

Thanks to a generous loan of a demo camera, Golden Gate JOAD decided to see what we can do with archery and a GoPro Hero 3 Black video camera. First up, testing out one of the 10 pound recurve student

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Is the New Book “Archery” by USA Archery Really the Ultimate Archery Resource? Book Review

The cover photo of the new USA Archery Book "Archery". Is it really the ultimate archery resource?

The new book by USA Archery proclaims itself “The ultimate resource for recurve and compound archers?” Is it? What It Is A compilation of advice from top competitive target archery coaches on the USA Archery National training System, bow tuning,

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