Where We Teach Archery – Golden Gate Park Archery Range

We teach our program on Saturday mornings at San Francisco’s Golden

Map to the Golden Gate Park archery range

Gate Park archery range, which is close to the 47th and Fulton entrance to Golden Gate Park.  The range is open whenever the park itself is open, and there is no cost to use it.  It is un-staffed, so there is no way to rent equipment on site, and shooting lanes are available on a first-come, first served basis.

Golden Gate JOAD functions as stewards of the range, performing replacement and repair of the target bales.  The bales are not provided by the city of San Francisco, they are ordered by our club and paid for by Golden Gate JOAD, Diane Nagura of City College of SF, and other private donors.

Here is a history of the target bale replacements and their donors at Golden Gate Park.  Please take some time to thank the donors who gave and the volunteers who made it happen.

Replacement of bales #1 and #3 (August 2012)

Have more questions about the range?   See our FAQ about the range below.


Golden Gate Park Archery Range

What benefits do donors to the bale fund receive?

When we put out money for new bales for the archery range, we ask for donations.  Here is our policy for crediting  those donations on our website.

Benefactor of Golden Gate Park Archery Range (Gifts of $400 or more) We provide a credit to the organization or individual, a link, and a small 60×60 logo or photo.

Angel of Golden Gate Park Archery Range (Gift of $301-$399) We provide a credit to the organization or individual on the donor list and a link to their website.

Patron of Golden Gate Park Archery Range (Gift of $201-$300) We provide a credit to the organization or the individual

Supporters of Golden Gate Park Archery Range (Gift of $101-$199) We provide a named credit to the individual (not an organization).

Friends of Golden Gate Park Archery Range (Gift of $50-$100) We provide a named credit to the individual (not an organization).

How should I dress for archery? How should I prepare my child?

If you’re coming to the Golden Gate Park Archery Range for the first time, you can make your visit a lot easier by knowing how to dress for archery and maximum comfort.


The archery field is a grassy field that is regularly mowed by the SF Parks department but owned by a family of gophers.  PIles of dirt (that quickly become mud) are frequent.  Plenty of dew and fog means that there is no shortage of mud, so wear shoes appropriate for walking around in wet and muddy grass.

Clothing and Jewelry

This man is excited about his archery lesson, but his jacket is unsuitable for shooting.

This being San Francisco, you should always dress in layers.  The weather can go from 55 to 75 in an hour or two, and you’ll need to adjust your clothing accordingly.  The weather forecasts often predict gloom and doom at the range, but we often find it to be unseasonably warm.   If you’re one of those people who is comfortable wearing shorts all year long, you’ll be entirely comfortable just layering your upper half.

If you’re coming to shoot, make sure you don’t wear clothing that has lots of things that may catch on the string as it moves past your chest.  Jackets with zippers, bulky pockets, anything that sticks out is going to be a problem.

Also, if you have necklaces, dangly earrings, or facial jewelry, you will want to remove it until you have a good sense of whether it is going to interfere with shooting.

You’ll also want to bring suncreen and a hat, preferably one with a floppy bill.  It’s sunny and hot there, despite whatever the weather forecast claims.

Special considerations for parents and their kids

Prepared for a sunny day watching their child shoot archery

Dress your child appropriately and sunscreen them, even if it’s foggy when you leave your house because the weather at the range is some of the sunniest in the city.  If you’re planning on shooting with your child, great!  If not, you are welcome to wait behind the waiting line.

Sitting through a 2 hour lesson with comfortable chairs and sunglasses

If you don’t want to wait, or you have small children, know that there is no playground nearby. This part of the park is very flat though, so many children practice riding a bike here and sidewalks are plentiful. The golf clubhouse, nearby, is also a pretty reliable place for coffee and simple sandwiches.

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