What is a JOAD Achievement shoot? How can I get that bling?

This Saturday, July 21st, 2012, and from now on the first Saturday of every month, Golden Gate JOAD will be having an achievement shoot where you can earn awards.

JOAD Club member Shabbir Safdar and some of the pins he has earned in the USAA Adult Achievement program.

The achievement shoots help provide goals for you to hit.  Instead of direct competition with other archers, who may have more experience, the achievement shoots are a set of staged scores that you need to shoot under tournament-like conditions.   With a few weeks of practice (or maybe even less) new archers can often shoot the first achievement round and earn the green pin.

For example to earn the green pin, if you’re a new youth archer using a recurve bow without a sight on it, you need to shoot 36 arrows and score 130 points on a 122 centimeter target 15 meters away.  For the next pin (purple), the target is moved back to 20 meters away from the archer and you must score 155 points in 36 arrows.

The rules are slightly harder for adults than for kids, but the program always places another goal a little bit farther away for you to try and strive for.  The program is extensive enough that if you earned all the pins, you would be considered a nationally-competitive archer.

If you’ve dabbled with archery, maybe taken a lesson or two, but crave a little structure to help get you motivated and give you a goal, come out this Saturday to our achievement shoot!