Overcast Skys No Obstacle for Golden Gate JOAD Archers

A Golden Gate JOAD archer takes aim in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park Archery Rage.

Today’s high turnout at Golden Gate JOAD’s high performance coaching, first time archery lessons and regular session shows that archers turn out for more than just sunny weather. Overcast skies and a peak temperature of 58 degrees in San Francisco’s Golden Gate park were the setting for another fine day of archery. Archers arrived to our program as early as 8am to help set up and shoot. Performance coaching got off to an early start with those dedicated archers who could make the special 8:30am call, a great batch of first time archers joined us to give archery a try, and the regular 9am session filled with a variety of people looking to improve their archery and have a great time.

High Performance Tips Everyone Can Use

An archer fills out her archery notebook at Golden Gate JOAD in Golden Gate Park’s Archery Range.

Today’s high performance coaching included a tip that all archers can use, which is to keep a note book on your archery. All high performance students are to bring their notebooks to the range and keep them updated. However, all archers can benefit from keeping notes on their archery, so we encourage all Golden Gate JOAD students to keep notes in a notebook they bring with them to the range.

When you practice archery at Golden Gate JOAD, instructors will work with you on various aspects of your form and technique. A note book helps you keep track of what you are working on, and helps instructors keep track of your progress as well. You can also use notebooks to keep track of the number days and arrows you shoot, your scores, details about your equipment, sight marks (if you are using a sight), and more. A notebook is a simple idea that that is used by top archers–and it is another Olympic level tool we can all afford.


A Gopher keeps an eye on archers in Golden Gate Park’s Archery Range.

Fog and overcast weather often set the scene at Golden Gate Park’s Archery Range, along with the park’s local flora and fauna. Gophers make regular visits to the archery range during Golden Gate JOAD sessions.

Achievement Shoot Next Weekend

Next Saturday is the first weekend of the month so Golden Gate JOAD will be holding one of our monthly optional achievement shoots for kids and adults. Details on the achievement shoots can be found in our posts about JOAD Stars Pin Awards, Adult Achievement Shoots and, uhm, bling. The achievement shoots are a great way to keep track of your progress, whether you earn a pin or not. You can keep your scores in your notebook 🙂

Setting up the rage so we have the right targets and distances set out takes some logistics, so we will be asking folks to RSVP specifically for the achievement shoot via a web form so we know who will be showing up and what distance and target they will need. Details will be emailed out later this week.

And, just as a reminder, here are the pins that are up for grabs

JOAD Stars Pin achievement awards.

The USA Archery Adult Achievement pins.