SCA Historical Archery Event at Golden Gate Park Archery Range This Saturday, August 18th

The Annual SCA Archery Event, Debarchery, at Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

Archers at the annual SCA archery event, Debarchery in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco. Source photo from the Shire of Cloondara website,

The the historical recreation group the Society for Creative Anachronism is holding its annual archery event, Debardchery, at San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park this Saturday, August 18th. The event is a social gathering for the local SCA chapter, the Shire of Cloondara, and will feature costumed archers competing against one another in historically inspired contests of archery skill using traditional bows and arrows ranging from English longbows to recurves.

The officially permitted event will take up 5-6 of the range’s 9 bales from 10am till dusk. It is a potluck event that is free and is open to the public, RSVP and pre-1600’s costume requested, some loaner tunics may be available. Traditional bows only. Wood arrows with real feathers. No compound bows or crossbows. Liability waivers required.

Updated 8/17/12: link, and other details added.