2013 brings new archers and new archery awards for our students!

We have an achievement shoot the first Saturday of every month, and the first achievement shoot of 2013 brought with it two full lessons of new students and many archery awards for our students.

We had almost 30 students attempt to earn new pins, and many successes.   The most heartbreaking miss was one student who missed her next pin by one point.  She’s a good student, and we know she’ll be back next month to try again!

Below are photos of our students showing off their new bling.  To see where you are currently in the standings, refer to our achievement page.

Jeremiah C earns his first outdoor pin, crushing the needed score!

Rodolfo ‘Rudy’ Sandoval earned two indoor pins today (compound class)


Rachael Hoke McNamara picked up two indoor pins with points to spare!


Jeremiah C wins his first outdoor pin with tons of points to spare!

One of our youth students earned her second indoor pin.  She’s already got 3 outdoor pins.

Coach Shabbir abandons his sight, stabilizer and clicker to earn his first two pins today in the barebow class.


Hannah C attempts her first indoor pin and scores over 250% of the required score!


Tony Morosco earns his first pin with over 40 points to spare!

Stoyan’ Gaydarov’s relentless quest for pins yields his third indoor pin in six weeks.


Miranda L. picks up her third outdoor pin. She’s already working on her outdoor pins in the adult category, years ahead of schedule.


Caroline C picks up her first indoor pin, crushing the needed score by more than double!