JOAD Session Goes From Frosty To Toasty

Last week I posted about how dewy early morning grass started a trend in waterproof boots and shoes at San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park Archery Range. This week the dew was frozen solid, with heavy frost covering the entire field.

It wasn’t to last, though. You can see how the range went from a frosty ice-scape to a toasty late morning in just a few hours. Well, relatively toasty. It sure seemed warm by then, but it was actually still only around 47-50 degrees. So, about that weather…waterproof footwear is still a great idea to keep your feet dry and warm, but what about the rest of you? The temperature can change a lot from early morning to afternoon at the San Francisco so layers are a great idea for archery at the GG Park range, or anywhere for that matter. The archery range is just a block or two from the Pacific Ocean so it’s also a good idea to include a wind proof outer layer to help keep a cold breeze from cutting through your warm sweaters, fleece or whatnot. Plus, layering can help you keep bulk on your bow arm to a minimum to reduce string clearance problems.

New Instructors at Golden Gate JOAD

Golden Gate JOAD teaches USA Archery Beginning and Intermediate Instructor courses. A number of Golden Gate JOAD regulars have passed their certification requirements. Among our newest instructors is long time Golden Gate JOAD archer, Jenny.

Golden Gate JOAD’s newest instructor, Jenny.

Note the use of layers 🙂 Congratulations to all of our new instructors. Helping new archers is the way we grow the sport from the ground up.