New Traditional Class Lanyards for February Golden Gate JOAD Achievement Shoot

Finally, a proper place for Golden Gate JOAD Traditional class/division shooters to show off all of their hard won achievement pins!

Adults shooting traditional bows without sights or stabilizers at USA Archery Adult Achievement Programs like Golden Gate JOAD have been eligible to earn achievement pins during qualifying rounds for a while now but haven’t had lanyards to display them on the way archers shooting in sighted divisions have. USA Archery has now issued Traditional Class lanyards for indoor and outdoor disciplines.

Traditional division is now a full and equal division in the USA Archery Adult Achievement Program. We hope that the USA Archery’s youth program, JOAD, will follow suit and upgrade the current, partially implemented Stars Pin Awards “Novice” division to a full “Barebow” division (similar to adult “Traditional”) with its own lanyards and full range of indoor and outdoor pins with scores adjusted for the additional challenge of shooting without sights or other aids such as stabilizer rods. The JOAD Committee will meet February 6th in Las Vegas to make decisions on this and other JOAD issues. Contact information for USA Archery is available on the USA Archery website.

Speaking of Achievement Awards, congratulations to all the participants at today’s JOAD and Adult Achievement Shoot.

Golden Gate JOAD February 2nd 2013 Achievement Shoot