New Archers Off to a Great Start at Golden Gate JOAD and Adult Achievement Archery

The weather just keeps getting better and so does the archery. We continue to have great turnouts at Golden Gate archery, and great students. This first time student is showing that even with a light weight practice bow you can achieve very small groups. I feel like pointing out, though, that this excellent group is kind of like one of the photos on food products that say “serving suggestion”–which is to say the food will rarely look like the expertly crafted photo on the box. Same is true of this photo. The group was excellent, but I couldn’t resist taking the photo from just the right angle to make it seem just that much tighter. So, if your groups don’t look just like this one yet, remember it is a “serving suggestion”, and I’ll be happy to help you with photos from just the right angle. Of course, practicing wouldn’t hurt either. 🙂

We love getting new archers into the sport. Not everybody’s group will look like the one above at first, but for many, the fun is in the journey. Just the process of archery can be fun. For folks interested in first time archery lessons, check our Register for a Lesson page. It has links to our calendar. Before you click over there I should warn you about a little quirk. You won’t find any lessons scheduled. For the moment all first time archer lessons open up late on Thursday for the following Saturday. It is a bit awkward at the moment and we are working on streamlining system so it works well for everybody. Please for advance information on upcoming classes.

Now, back to practicing for better groups. Our regular sessions are a great way to get in shooting practice with light feedback from our coaching staff. For those who want more structure and more feedback we have a performance coaching session coming up next weekend starting at 8:30am, March 16th. All Golden Gate JOAD students who want to learn and have individual ten lesson cards are illegible to attend. Hope to see you all there.