Why We Can’t Thank Our Volunteers Enough

Golden Gate JOAD Sign on a Frosty Morning at the Golden Gate Park Archery RangeOur volunteers could sleep in and we’d still be happy to see them at the range. Instead, they show up early to help set up, even on a frosty morning 🙂 This not only helps the range set up more quickly it’s also just fun to have a bunch of people out the range way too early in the morning

At Golden Gate JOAD we see archery as a community, whether it’s setting and striking, learning in class or just shooting together. Archery is something we can do as individuals, and with friends and family. So thanks to everyone who comes out to shoot.

Next week looks like rain, so there is a strong possibility the next session won’t be until two weeks from now. The session in two weeks will be an indoor distance achievement shoot. If you have a bow please get out there and practice in between sessions if the weather is good. We’ll be transitioning to the outdoor distance achievement shoots in a while so you’ll want to give this next achievement shoot a good shot 🙂

Frank Lawler's Sisyphian Task: Installing 132 cm American Whitetail Target Matts Frank Lawler Sets Up Stand Setting UP 122cm Flat Targets

This is just a small sampling of the community at the Golden Gate Park Archery Range.