Pacific Coast Archery tournament

Three Golden Gate JOAD students attended the Pacific Coast Archery tournament this weekend.  Inside you’ll find some photos I took of the event, which I really enjoyed.  A quick note about archery tournaments.  If you only go to win 1st place (and therefore don’t go if you doubt your ability to do so) you are missing out.

Also, Rick McKinney, two time Olympic archery medal-winner, happened to “drop by” the event and participate.  There’s always someone better, so it’s best to focus on what you can get out of the event without needing to come in #1.

A tournament gives you a chance to observe archers, including lots of archers better than you, share tips, and shoot under pressure.   You can also learn to shoot under unusual conditions where the light, wind, sun, ground, and precipitation is all different.  All of these things will make you a better archer.    Here are some photos I took.