Outdoor season is here! Indoor season is over!


One of the club’s two Bronze Olympian medal holders, Tony Morosco, shooting at a target 50 meters away without a sight on his bow.

With the last indoor achievement shoot last week, indoor season is over and outdoor season is here.  Adults will be shooting from 30 meters to 50 meters, and youth students will be shooting 15 meters to 50 meters.

Indoor season was particularly rough, with El Nino rains cancelling Saturday practice a number of times.   One person that never stopped practicing was our student Samantha.  She’s been working hard for over a year to make the jump for indoor scores from 9 meters to 18 meters to get her next pin.  Her scores kept improving slowly until this last week when she finally achieved her black pin at 18 meters.  We are very proud of her!

Samantha with one of her coaches, Nancy Chen.

Samantha with one of her coaches, Nancy Chen.