It’s outdoor season!

A toasty 47 degrees Fahrenheit at San Francisco's Golden Gate Park Archery Range.

A toasty 47 degrees Fahrenheit at San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park Archery Range.

We are switching to outdoor shooting distance season after one final indoor distance achievement shoot this Saturday.  All adults and kids who are past the beginner stage will soon be practicing at 30 meters.  How far is thirty meters?  it’s 98.4 feet, so about 100 feet.

It’s a few feet longer than the distance from home plate to first base in major league baseball.   It’s the length of a 737-500.  It’s about a third of a football field, so imagine standing at the 33 yard line and shooting the “1st down” sign on the goal line.

We will be holding new archer lessons approximately every six weeks through August when we’ll add new ones to our schedule.   Our new archer lesson schedule through August is as follows:

  • March 11 (11am-1pm),
  • May 27 (11am-1pm),
  • July 15 (11am-1pm),
  • and August 26 (11am-1pm).

Registration for these will be done through Eventbrite.