Archery Instruction

Beginner “Try Archery” instruction

In this two hour session L1 and L2 coaches will take students (8 and up) who have zero archery experience and give them safety instruction and basic form techniques for recurve archery. After learning about archery and range safety, students will learn a basic form of NTS with a stretch band, be fitted with appropriate size bows and arrows, coached through their first shot, and supervised as they shoot for an hour at blank bales and then a target from increasing distances. Once this course is completed students will be welcome to come back every week and practice with the club’s equipment.

National Training System – Part 1

This class is for students who want to refine their form using the USA Archery National Training System developed by head coach Kisik Lee. During this course students will learn the first five steps of the NTS method: Stance, Nock, Hook and Grip, Set, and Setup. Using curriculum and drills developed by USA Archery, L1 and L2 coaches will teach students the detail in each of these steps and the biomechanical purposes for each one.

National Training System – Part 2

This class is for students who are learning the USA Archery National Training System and covers the last six steps of the shooting form: Draw to Load, Anchor, Transfer to Hold, Expand/Aim, Release/Follow-through, and Feedback.