September Acheivement Shoot Marks Last Outdoor Archery Distances for 2014

Last Saturday, September 6th,  saw another fun Achievement Shoot held at San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park.  Golden Gate JOAD wrapped up its outdoor distance Achievement Shoots for the year with its September Achievement shoot. GGJOAD kids and adults are eligible to earn awards pins from USA Archery based on their scores. The pin shoots are a great way to keep track of your progress, and receive recognition for practicing and shooting well. Its a great, relaxed event that bridges competitive and non-competitive archery. Of those shooting, outdoor distances for youth archers were from 15 to 60 meters. For adults, 30 to 50 meters.

Golden Gate JOAD hosts Achievement Shoots for club shooters every month and will now transition to shooting the shorter, indoor distances, though they will be shot outdoors at the Golden Gate Park archery range.

Thanks to all of those participating and congratulations to all the archers for their hard work and accomplishments.

September Pin Awards

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August Golden Gate JOAD Achievement Shoot GoPro Video Footage

Ok, ok. So we’ve taken video of various Golden Gate JOAD shoots. But where is it? No, we haven’t been selling it to other JOAD clubs so they can look great, but so far not much of it has been posted. Time to change that :-)

Here are a view brief shots from the August Achievement shoot.

Everyone is looking good. Now, all we need to do is figure out more ways to make a fun sport that involves quite a bit of standing around look dynamic and exciting.

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July 12th achievement shoot results

We held our July achievement a week late because our Director of Shooting was on vacation.  Results yesterday were impressive!  A great deal of thanks need to go to our student volunteers AliciaS, ThimO, and TonyM.  They all showed up early and helped Coach Shabbir setup the range.  We got it done so fast they had a full half hour of practice before we started scoring.

All results are in the database, so you can go check out your progress.  There were some big highlights though!

The next achievement shoot is Aug. 9th.


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