Last outdoor achievement shoot of the season: hot like an anvil

Coach Frank raising and drawing his bow.

The arrow never leaves his bow!

Today we held the last outdoor achievement shoot of the season.  If you’re counting, we had probably 25 archers there and about 1/3rd of them were new students.  It’s nice that our efforts at holding new archer lessons have gotten some folks hooked, including a family of three that braved the heat to shoot for pins.

We’re in the middle of a heat wave and it was unbelievably hot.  Coaches nagged everyone to drink water and luckily nobody suffered any ill consequences.  Fourteen archers attempted to earn pins and six were successful.  Several personal bests were achieved.  It was a good day!

We begin immediately shifting practice bales to indoor distances.  For adults that means you’ll be shooting at a 40cm target at 18 meters.  For youth, you’ll be shooting at a 60cm target at a distance of 9 and eventually 18 meters.  Adjust your sights!  Lower your bows!  Most of all, take a moment and check out your achievement pin scores for indoor distances and make sure they’re correct.  You can find them online in our live Google Sheet.  If you happen to be looking right after an achievement shoot you can see me adding newly earned pins live!

The schedule for achievement shoots through December has been created.  You can see it on our Facebook events page.

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An achievement shoot for everyone not on summer vacation

This past weekend we held a smaller than normal achievement pin shoot because so many people are on vacation!  Two of our newest students, Jonathan and Daniel came to practice but when

Off to a great start!

they weren’t looking we moved their target back to 15 meters and told them we were going to teach them to keep score.

Next thing you know, they had each earned themselves the first achievement shoot pin.    Great job guys!

We do not have an achievement shoot scheduled for August because Coach Shabbir is on vacation.  We’ll update things if another coach volunteers to run the achievement shoot.  You can check out your scores on our live Google Sheet which contains all historical scores here.

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Latest achievement shoot results are recorded!

We had a great achievement shoot on Saturday.  Check out our current list of pins and scores.

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