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Olympic-Style Stretch Band Training Improves Your Archery

Stretch Bands Stretch bands are a great tool for practicing archery form and they are a critical component of the USA Archery National Training System, the system of archery instruction taught at the US Olympic Training Center. We issue stretch

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The Best Archery Shoes

What are the best shoes for archery? At Golden Gate JOAD we’ve noticed a trend in archery shoes at our instructional sessions. Sometimes an idea is so practical that it quietly takes off as more and more people see it

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NFAA Indoor Round Helps Trad Shooters Evaluate Their Archery

Standardized Scoring Rounds The NFAA Indoor Round, sometimes called a 300 Round, is a great way for traditional archers to evaluate their archery skills. It consists of a total of 60 arrows shot from 20 yards at a blue 5-ring

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