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New practice league forming April 3rd for 12 weeks

Much like going to the gym with a friend, practicing with some buddies helps you keep up the commitment of regular practice.  And of course, archery practice improves your skills.  There’s a friendly group of archers starting up a weekly

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Is the New Book “Archery” by USA Archery Really the Ultimate Archery Resource? Book Review

The cover photo of the new USA Archery Book "Archery". Is it really the ultimate archery resource?

The new book by USA Archery proclaims itself “The ultimate resource for recurve and compound archers?” Is it? What It Is A compilation of advice from top competitive target archery coaches on the USA Archery National training System, bow tuning,

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An archer without hands or arms: Matt Stutzman (@inspirearcher)

Matt Stutzman was born without arms, but he’s managed to become a competitive archer anyway using only his feet.  Watch this video of him showing how he shoots his compound using only his feet and a release on a lanyard

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