Golden Gate JOAD Archer First to Earn USA Archery Bronze Olympian Award

Golden Gate JOAD's Tony Morosco Earns the USA Archery Bronze Olympian AwardGolden Gate JOAD Archer Tony Morosco is the first archer to earn the USA Archery Bronze Olympian Award in the Adult Barebow category this year, and possibly the first since the award was added to the Adult Achievement Program. Tony shot a 281 out of a possible 360 at 50 meters during our August Achievement Shoot using 26 pound limbs. Tony’s 281 is actually good enough to earn Silver Olympian required score but each of the USA Archery Adult Achievement Awards Pins must be earned in order. First things first!

Because adults do not qualify for Olympian apparel like the youth archers receive from USA Archery, we took it upon ourselves to print Tony a special shirt commemorating the hundreds of hours of practice he put in to achieve this rare goal.

Tony’s dedicated to archery goes beyond practice, however. ┬áVisit our practice site in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco an hour before the lesson begins and you’ll find Tony there, helping to setup the bales, adjusting their distances, and making sure they’re all straight. ┬áTony’s volunteer spirit shows leadership above and beyond his accomplishments as an archer.

Congratulations to Tony!