Golden Gate JOAD Archers Shoot for Achievement Awards

Practicing archery with Golden Gate JOAD in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. This photo taken at our June 23d Golden Gate JOAD session is a cell phone photo shamelessly retouched to make it look like it was taken with a DSLR camera with a long lens. What isn’t retouched is the wiggly looking bow limb in the upper right corner. The bow limb doesn’t look like that in real life—the wiggly appearance is an artifact of the motion of the limb after being loosed combined with the way certain kinds of camera sensors scan.

Saturday was a gorgeous day at San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park Archery range, and a perfect day for Golden Gate JOAD archers to shoot for their JOAD Star Pin Awards and Adult Achievement Awards. Many of our kids and adults shot 30 arrows each to try meet the awards benchmarks set up by USA Archery, the governing body for Olympic archery in the US.  Two JOAD archers and three Adult Achievement archers earned their first pins today. Congratulations to our archers. Pins will be issued at an upcoming Golden Gate JOAD session as soon as they are available, or mailed to any of the award recipients if are unable to make it to our next sessions.

In addition to shooting the optional achievement rounds we had many returning archers practicing their regular shooting, working on their form and accuracy—and just having a good time. Twelve first time shooters also joined us on the line, taking their Golden Gate Archery first time lessons. All the first time shooters did well, and we look forward to seeing them out on the rage again.

Thank you to everyone for joining us at the range, and thank you to Shabbir for taking time out from his normal shooting session to help out with today’s big turnout!

For more information on the USA Archery JOAD Stars Pin Awards check out USA Archery’s JOAD Awards System page. For more information on the Adult Achievement Awards please see our Adult Achievement Awards blog post.