Golden Gate JOAD Introduces Performance Coaching Program

Guest coach Jeff Dong, a 2011-12 UC Berkeley Cal Archery Captain, demonstrates optimal form at Golden Gate JOAD’s archery session in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park Archery Range.

Today Golden Gate JOAD introduced its new performance coaching program which offers an extra level of feedback and training beyond our regular shooting sessions. The half-hour session is a special supplement that starts at 8:30am, one half hour before the regular 9am session. The prerequisite is commitment. Golden Gate JOAD archers who have purchased a discounted ten lesson package that is not shared with another archer are eligible. There is no additional cost. Archers will be expected to really challenge themselves during the sessions to make the most of them. Space is limited.

Today’s performance coaching session featured lectures, demonstrations and detailed feedback from GGJOAD coaching staff, and from visiting coach, Jeff Dong, a team captain at Cal Archery.

Golden Gate JOAD is committed to serving all levels of interest in archery. Our regular shooting sessions include personalized feedback and coaching, but on a more limited basis due to class size. All coaches are available for questions and we work to offer key suggestions to improve form that archers can work on at their own pace. The performance coaching pilot offers more a formal and structured system of instruction, including lectures, video feedback and more one-on-one time with coaches to help accelerate learning.

We are looking forward to developing the performance coaching program further to help meet the needs of all Golden Gate JOAD Archers.