Golden Gate JOAD’s July 7th Session

Coach Nancy Chee works on optimal form with a Golden Gate JOAD archery student.

Great turnout today for the July 7th Golden Gate JOAD archery instruction program. Head Coach David Chan set out five portable archery targets to supplement the 2 permanent  bales to make room on the line for new and returning archers. We had 9 archers taking first time archery lessons and a host of regulars. Great shooting by all 🙂

In upcoming sessions we plan on introducing optional achievement shoots on a regular basis. Achievement shoots offer kids and adults the opportunity to shoot for awards pins based on benchmarks set by USA Archery.

Returning archers are always encouraged to bring their stretch bands and small notebooks. Going forward we will be working on showing archers more on why and how to use them both in class and on their own. Notebooks are a great way to keep track of what key techniques individuals are working on, and to keep track of scores, equipment and equipment settings. Learning how to use a notebook is a good idea for all students and it is especially beneficial for archers who have their own gear and who wish to concentrate on methodical practice and improvement over time. We’ll keep updating all Golden Gate JOAD archers with more details on the use of their note books.