Overcast Weather Makes for a Great July 14th Golden Gate JOAD Session

One of our JOAD archery student “photobombs” Golden Gate JOAD head coach David Chan. Coach Chan regularly practices with one of our light draw weight student bows to demonstrate accuracy is first and foremost a product of good archery form.

Overcast weather is a staple in San Francisco’s Richmond district by California coast. For Golden Gate JOAD archers it can mean terrific weather for archery because overcast weather can keep direct sunlight out of archers eyes in the early morning.

Golden Gate JOAD had another popular session, with more new students taking archery lessons for the first time, as well as a full complement of returning Golden Gate JOAD archers. We continue to work at optimizing class size and the mix of new students and returning archers. We are always interested in your feedback. Please contact us directly with any questions or comments at info@goldengatejoad.com