GGJOAD Archers Brave Blistering Heat for First Indoor Distance Shoot of the Year

Did I say blistering heat? Well, it did peak at 90 degrees, which for San Francisco is blistering… 😉 Hoards of Golden Gate Archers came forth on October 4th to shoot for USA Archery Achievement Awards. Kids and adults braved the gorgeous shirtsleeve weather to come out to shoot for fun and for recognition of their hard work.

So, why are we now in the “indoor season,” which we shoot outdoors? There is actually a good reason for it. We switch to indoor distances to prepare for the state indoor championships which take place in January. Indoor distances are shorter, set at a distance one might reasonably be able to arrange indoors at a local archery pro-shop or indoor range. 18 meters is the most common indoor distance for adults for competition, and the only distance for Adult Achievement Shoots. Kid’s indoor distances are 9 or 18 meters depending age category for competitions, or the judgement of the Director of Shoot if it is a JOAD Achievement Shoot, which don’t have age categories.

Since the days will actually be getting colder in the coming months and it will be dark earlier and earlier in the evening, being able to shoot indoors helps many archers continue to practice throughout the year, especially in states that actually have seasons, unlike the bay area which has something more like suggestions of seasons. Meanwhile, Golden Gate JOAD archers will continue to brave the “indoors” outdoors through the fall and winter, and will be eligible for the coveted Golden Gate JOAD shooting in the rain pin if we manage to get some rain during one of our achievement shoots.

We will switch back to outdoor distances next year after the indoor state championships in time to prepare for the state outdoor championships. As a mostly recreational program, we don’t have to follow this convention, but a number of GG Archers do enjoy competitions, and it is also a good excuse to break up the shooting distances for some variety.