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The History of Archery Targets Used in Brave

The Pixar movie Brave is a fun movie with some great archery scenes inspired by real archery technique and actual historical archery equipment. So this is a look back at the history of target archery, and archery targets, to see

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Overcast Weather Makes for a Great July 14th Golden Gate JOAD Session

Overcast weather is a staple in San Francisco’s Richmond district by California coast. For Golden Gate JOAD archers it can mean terrific weather for archery because overcast weather can keep direct sunlight out of archers eyes in the early morning.

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How hard is it to split an arrow with a longbow?

Splitting an arrow from nock to point is the classic feat of archery prowess in stories and movies, from ancient legends like Robin Hood to, well, brand new ancient legends like Pixar’s new animated feature, Brave. Here is Merida shooting

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