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New Archers Off to a Great Start at Golden Gate JOAD and Adult Achievement Archery

The weather just keeps getting better and so does the archery. We continue to have great turnouts at Golden Gate archery, and great students. This first time student is showing that even with a light weight practice bow you can

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Make an Easy Olympic-style Archery Finger Sling You Don’t Have to Retie

We already showed you how to tie a finger sling from a shoelace the way many Olympic archers do. Now we’ll show you something better. Many world class archers prefer homemade shoelace finger slings over commercial para cord finger slings

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Crazed Archers Take Over Golden Gate JOAD Achievement Shoot

Maybe it’s the weather, maybe it’s all the hours of practice, or maybe it’s just the fun of archery that has these Golden Gate JOAD archers acting crazy. They are all shooters at our March 2nd Achievement shoot in San

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